Behind the scenes II

The Wiener Musikverein is famous all over the world: Its annual New Year’s Concert in the Golden Hall is broadcast to over 90 countries. Music lovers have probably already witnessed a concert at this famous venue – if only virtually. Recently, the MUSEDU team enjoyed a public guided tour and learned about fascinating details. Read all about this tour in the German version. If you are in Vienna and would like to take a guided tour yourself, you can find all the details on the website. (Tours are available on weekdays, in English and German.)

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“Lockdown songs” by kids

Sonja Ebert, a German guitarist and singer-songwriter, helped kids to write and perform their own lockdown songs. 16 children sing about penguins, the pandemic and missing their friends. The CD “Lockdown-Lieder” is available on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon and Deezer. All profit goes to three charity organisations helping other children: Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, Feierwerk e.V. and Kindernothilfe. (Read the full article in German.)

Stay motivated: Join a music meetup

We have been sitting at home, alone with our instruments, for over a year now. Clearly, this makes it difficult for most of us to motivate ourselves and keep practising. The good news is: Many amateur music groups are still very active. They organise online get-togethers for playing and chatting, they host charity events and even recitals.

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Books for music lovers – Part I

Kazuo Ishiguro: Nocturnes. Five Stories of Music and Nightfall

Many writers are either musicians themselves or music plays an important part in their works. Kazuo Ishiguro, who was awarded the Nobel prize in literature 2017, is one of them. He dreamed about becoming a musician when he was young, and he occasionally writes lyrics for singers. “Read with your ears“, says a journalist about one of his books, which felt to her like “a seat at a concert.”

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With favourite songs against the lockdown blues

A group of Austrian music therapists provides free online support during lockdown. On their platform (favourite song), anyone can submit a song. By speaking about the song and its personal meaning, the music therapist then offers a positive outlook in times of crisis. (Read the full article in German).

5 questions for… Singvogel

The Austrian company Singvogel (“songbird”) offers a variety of material for elementary music education for children. MUSEDU spoke to the founders Heidi and Patrick. Read the full interview in German to learn more about their concept.

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