Frequently Answered Questions

We are going to answer the most important questions right here. If the information you’re looking for is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



MUSEDU is a non-profit, non-party association. Our aim is to work towards widespread high-quality music education and to encourage active music making throughout Austria. MUSEDU’s members – professional musicians –  may use the association to present a variety of music lessons to the general public.

MUSEDU provides an online platform where professional musicians and music teachers may create their own profiles and present the types of music lessons they offer. This online platform allows interested students to search for suitable teachers free of charge and anonymously and to contact them directly.

We are happy to hear that you are interested in MUSEDU! Currently, we are busy setting up MUSEDU in Austria, but we are planning to extend our association to the entire German-speaking region. This will take some time, of course. Please send us an e-mail so that we can get back to you as soon as we are ready.

Unfortunately not – for this purpose, there are already many other well-established platforms on the internet.

As a non-proft association we are always pleased of a financial token of appreciation. We accept donations via PayPal or as transfer to our bank account. You can find the bank details in the imprint.

We are happy to find co-operation partners in the music business who agree to provide special offers / discounts to our members. Please contact us to discuss this further.

We highly welcome any kind of support! Please send us an e-mail so that we can discuss possible future co-operation.

Thank you very much, we look forward to your proposal! Please contact us directly.


About the membership – for professionals

You can easily become a member via our online registration form. The only requirement is a university degree (or equivalent certificate/references) in the musical field (vocal / instrumental teaching, theory of music, etc.).

Your membership is valid for one year and may be renewed any time.

MUSEDU offers two different types of memberships: A free basic membership with a limited scope and a full premium membership at 29 Euro per year. If you sign up for the basic membership, you can’t link to your private website or upload any audio files. You may of course upgrade to a premium membership at any time.

MUSEDU offers two types of memberships. A free basic membership is a good starting point to explore the possibilities of MUSEDU. This includes your personal profile. Potential students may easily contact you via a web form. However, the scope of your profile has a few limitations compared to a premium membership.

If you choose our premium membership, you will be allowed to upload three audio files to your profile. In addition, you may also link to your own website. This may help you to promote yourself and the music lessons you offer in a more sophisticated way. Premium membership costs 29 Euro per year.

Of course you may do this at any time! Just send us an e-mail at

You may pay the fees easily via PayPal or bank transfer to our account.

We are happy to hear that you are interested in MUSEDU! In this case we will ask you to provide references which show us that you have gained sufficient experience in the area of music teaching. We will decide about your membership application based on these references. Please understand that we can’t promise anything before we’ve had a look at your individual case.

Generally speaking, a membership is reserved for musicians with a university degree. Without a doubt, there are many talented musicians who have not studied this as a profession but are excellent teachers. If this applies to you, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Please provide us with references about your qualifications and will do our best to take a fair decision in your individual case.

Unfortunately not. The idea of MUSEDU is simply that our individual members may present their music lessons in their individual personal profiles.

We are sad to see you leave. You may of course decide to do so at any time and without providing any reasons – just send us an e-mail or letter with your cancellation request. We will then delete your profile and all other personal information from our platform. However, please understand that we are not in a position to reimburse any fees that have already been paid.

Just send us an e-mail at with the revised information and we will correct it immediately!

You may upload one or more audio files to your profile, depending on the membership type you have chosen. As a premium member, you may also link to your own website with all related information. However, please understand that we cannot offer any other ways of advertisement for individual members on this portal.


About music lessons – for students and amateurs

You will find individual portraits of all teachers on our members search page. The search page allows you to search for a suitable teacher for your instrument, your preferred genre and other parameters. You may then contact him or her directly!

The exact amount charged per lesson depends on your teacher. The rates might differ and dependent on various factors (e.g. duration, location of the lesson etc.). MUSEDU does not interfere with the pricing policy of each teacher.

Each musician may define the actual price of their lessons based on various individual factors. In order to ensure a transparent comparison of the lesson prices, the amount stated by each musician will be converted to a standardised value based on a 50 minutes lesson. This will make it possible for potential students to compare the different rates on a common time base. Of course, a lesson which is shorter or longer than 50 minutes will then be cheaper or more expensive.

The appropriate duration of a music lesson should be discussed directly with your teacher. It can make sense to adapt the duration to the individual situation (e.g. children or adults, beginners or advanced students). Your teacher will be in a good position to adapt this to your specific needs. Consequently, the duration of a lesson may vary. MUSEDU will not interfere with this.

The location of the lesson should be discussed directly with your teacher. Some teachers will visit you at home, others will teach at their place. A lesson may also take place elsewhere, e.g. in a studio or practice room.