A virtual piano community

Meetup groups bring people together who share a common interest. At local piano meetups worldwide, people make music and meet fellow (amateur) pianists. In times of social distancing, some of these groups organise online activities. MUSEDU spoke to hosts based in Canada, the UK and the US about their experiences with this format.

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Behind the scenes

Before the lockdown in March 2020, we enjoyed a last backstage tour at the Wiener Konzerthaus, the famous concert hall in Vienna. Small concerts have become possible at this venue again from June onwards. Guided tours will probably only be resumed in autumn. Read our report of this fascinating location in the German version.

(Photo credit: www.lukasbeck.com)

Surrounded by sound

The Wiener Konzerthaus offers a unique kind of orchestral concert experience: At “Im Klang”, the audience sits right next to the musicians and is surrounded by the sound of different instruments. In early March 2020, we had the opportunity to enjoy one of these events, featuring Sergei Rachmaninow’s Symphonic Dances, played by the Wiener Symphoniker conducted by Lahav Shani. Read the full report in German language.

(Photo credit: Rupert Steiner)

Playing the piano – social, not lonely!

“The pianist’s life is, by necessity, lonely” writes pianist and blogger Frances Wilson in the magazine Interlude. Of course, also as amateurs, we need to spend a lot of time at our instruments – in solitude. This is how we practice our pieces. But luckily, we also have a lot of opportunities to play with others. We just need to seek them actively. Hobby musicians based in Vienna, Austria, have plenty of choices! A list of local piano/music activities can be found in our links section. The full article, which looks at the Vienna Piano Meetup group in more detail, can be found in the German version.

My DIY clavichord

Recently, I participated in a workshop held by Johann-Gottfried Schmidt, to build my own clavichord together with fellow amateur musicians in Vienna. It was great fun, but also hard work – and really rewarding to build a historical instrument from scratch within only a week. Read my full report in German.

At the violin makers

A group of musicians and music lovers visited a local violin maker’s studio in Vienna in October 2019. The visit was organised by MUSEDU. Participants learned how the two violin makers craft their stringed instruments by hand, inspired by Italian masterpieces of earlier centuries. The full article is available in the German version. English speaking readers will find plenty of material on the website of Kerstin Hoffmann & Claudia Rook at: https://www.geigenmacher.biz/