Shelia Michellé – Vocals

(c) Backheads Music


Music is Life


VBCT & Vocal Coaching…Music is life, and everything in life has a melody, a key, a rhythm, a tempo, a feeling or sensation, an overwhelming experience or melancholy journey. We are all connected to everything and everyone… and that’s the song.

Change the mindset, change the person. Helmut Reiter and Shelia Michellè breathe music pure and simple, non-conventional music training, exercises and techniques which as they put it “Bring the Vocal and Core of the body together” in harmony as it should be. When you center all the Body Core elements (Mindset, Tongue placement, breathing (Controlling air distribution), Diaphragm, Micro muscles surrounding the Vocal Cords), you get a perfect collaboration… a partnership.

VBCT & Vocal Couching team believes in working naturally with the body, not against it.

Not to take away from the conventional ways of teaching singing, or music teachers, as they are very important as a basic foundation… however coaching the Vocal Body Core in such a way that it becomes a willing participant in the structure, mindset and building of healthy vocals and the vocal sound which is in VBCT & Vocal Coaching teams belief… is the ultimate goal of an Artist, Performer, Singer, and Vocalist.

“You are strong when you recognize who you are and who you can become… Unique”

GenresSoul, Gospel, Pop
LanguagesGerman, English
Teaching levelsBeginner, Advanced
Age groupsAdults
Rate50 Euro / 50 Min.
Free trial lessonYes
Semester discountYes
Lessons at homeNo
Online lessonsYes
Lessons on weekendsYes
Early educationNo
Group lessons or family classesNo
Chamber musicNo
Theory classesNo
Aural trainingYes
Buying advice for instrumentsYes
Preparation for entrance examsNo
Academic degreeNo

Elisa Lapan – Saxophone

(c) Michael Thallinger


Die Freude am Saxofonspielen entdecken


Temporarily this content is available in German only.

Sowohl Anfänger als auch Fortgeschrittene jeden Alters sind bei mir herzlich willkommen. Besonders wichtig für mich ist es die Freude am Musizieren weiterzugeben, auf die individuellen Wünsche und Ziele einzugehen und das Interesse für verschiedene Genres zu wecken.

Saxophon habe ich an der Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität und an der Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Dänemark, studiert. Außerdem durfte ich Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene mit unterschiedlichem Können unterrichten und verfüge über viel Erfahrung als Performerin.

Es ist nie zu spät ein Instrument zu lernen!
Ich freue mich auf Deine Nachricht!

GenresImprovisation, Jazz, Classical
LanguagesGerman, English, Danish
LocationLinz, Eisenstadt
Teaching levelsBeginner, Advanced
Age groupsChildren, Adults
Rate40 Euro / 50 Min.
Free trial lessonNo
Semester discountYes
Lessons at homeNo
Online lessonsYes
Lessons on weekendsYes
Early educationYes
Group lessons or family classesYes
Chamber musicYes
Theory classesYes
Aural trainingNo
Buying advice for instrumentsYes
Preparation for entrance examsYes
Academic degreeYes

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