Strolling through the musical Vienna

The streets and buildings in the center of Vienna recount stories of famous musicians and composers of the past… While visiting Vienna, take some time and explore the locations where they used to live and work! WienTourismus, the official tourist office, makes this easy with free guides and tour maps for download on its website.

MUSEDU had a closer look at some of these musical city walks – you can find the full article in the German version.

Broaden your view on music

This is the aim of the German music blog „Lauschzeichen“. According to pianist and blogger Elisabeth Hahn, classical music should not live in the ivory tower. On the contrary, it is closely linked with current topics of our real world, like the situation of women at university music departments. (Available in German only).

Beethoven for all!

The year 2020 marks the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birthday. Born in the city of Bonn, Germany, in 1770, Beethoven spent 35 years of his life in Vienna, Austria. Needless to say that both cities have planned a number of events to celebrate this important date. MUSEDU has compiled a collection of interesting local events in Vienna. All links to these events can be found in the German version.

At the violin makers

A group of musicians and music lovers visited a local violin maker’s studio in Vienna in October 2019. The visit was organised by MUSEDU. Participants learned how the two violin makers craft their stringed instruments by hand, inspired by Italian masterpieces of earlier centuries. The full article is available in the German version. English speaking readers will find plenty of material on the website of Kerstin Hoffmann & Claudia Rook at:

Musedu: For the love of music

The aim of the non-profit association MUSEDU in Vienna is to foster active music making among adults. Local journalist Yvonne Brandstetter (“Wiener Bezirkszeitung”) conducted an interview with founder Matthias König. König describes how he got the idea to found MUSEDU, which activities they offer for amateurs and how the online platform for music teachers has grown since its launch in 2017. The full article can be found in the German version.